An office lunch – using the microwave: Creamy Pesto Turkey

It’s hard sorting out lunch at work.

If I’m really organised, I take stuff in that’s leftover from the night before, but that’s not always possible.

Near us in the office we have a Sainsbury’s Local and a Pret a Manger.  I like Pret as much as the next man, but their range of low carb options is pretty limited and hasn’t changed much over the last few months – and they’re not the cheapest option if you’re buying from there everyday.

Sainsbury’s at least has a wider selection of food, but frankly, once you’ve ignored all the biscuits, cakes, chocolate and sandwiches there really isn’t much left for a low carber.  All the available ready meals and most of their pre-prepared salads contain carbs in one form or another.  And that’s before you have to discard all the low fat options as well!

There is always the wherewithal to put together an interesting salad, as they have a reasonable range of fresh veg, cooked meats and fish, and cheese, but I don’t always fancy salad.  Especially not when it’s cold.  But cooking at work is limited, as there’s only a microwave.

So I’ve developed a basic repertoire of things I can cook in the microwave.  Today was turkey in a creamy pesto sauce, which I ate with some salad and mange tout.  No photos, as I was too hungry and wolfed it down before I even thought about that!

Here’s what I used:

2 turkey breast steaks (packs of four are currently on offer!), which I sliced up roughly
About a half an ounce of butter
A tablespoon of full fat cream cheese
A large teaspoon of green pesto
salt and black pepper

And this is what I did:

Put the butter in a bowl and heat on high for 10-20 seconds until it’s melted

Add the sliced turkey, season and stir; cook on high for 1 minute

Add the cream cheese and pesto, then cover the bowl with a plate and cook for another 2 minutes on high

Let it sit for a while, as this allows the meat to relax, and makes it more tender

To cook the mange tout:

Rinse them under cold running water, drain, and then put into a separate bowl; season

Cook on high for no more than a minute

This makes quite a lot of lovely creamy sauce, so it would also work well with vegetables rather than salad.  But it was very satisfying – plenty of fat, protein-rich and low in carbs.  What’s not to like?!


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