Weird ingredients – chilli oil

I said I wouldn’t post recipes that contained weird ingredients, or things that you couldn’t get in an ordinary supermarket.

Apart from the shirataki noodles, I’m making one other exception: chilli oil.

I use this brand, that I bought from the Chinese supermarket:

Chilli oil

It’s very oily, with whole raw peanuts as well as flakes of dried chilli,  and it adds a lovely flavour (and texture) to dishes.  It’s also, not surprisingly, hot!  I love hot food, and think that most things – if not all things – can be improved by the addition of chilli in some shape or form.

I used it in a recipe for stir-fried pork with mixed vegetables and water chestnuts that I’ll be posting shortly (once I’ve worked out the carb count), so this is giving you advance notice!


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