Cheese sauce – for my veggie friends!

I love cheese sauce. I love it on cauliflower especially, or on eggs mornay – a real 70s dish, and one my mum used to cook for me.

But for a low carber, it’s not a great option. Not only made with milk but also thickened with flour.

So here’s a version that is perfect for low carbing. High in fat but low in carbs, at a total of 4.5g for this quantity. And even better, it’s really easy to make.

There are just 3 ingredients:

300ml of double cream (a medium pot)
125g mature cheddar, grated (half a standard pack)
black pepper, to season

To make the sauce, simply heat the cream till it reaches boiling point, then add the cheese and stir together till it melts into the sauce, then season. It takes hardly any time at all.

For cauliflower cheese, pour the sauce over cooked cauliflower in an oven dish (this amount of sauce will be enough for a small cauliflower), and then bake in the oven for about 20 minutes, until the top is browned.

Or, as an alternative, griddle or fry some leeks – chopped into 3-4cm lengths – until they start to char/brown, then put them in a dish with the cheese sauce and bake until the top is browned.

Actually, you can use it on any veg you like. Or over hard-boiled eggs, if you fancy a trip back in time!


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