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Cheesy Cabbage Bake

I like cabbage, in any of its forms.  But I particularly like it braised in lots of butter, with shallots and lemon. Tonight I took this a step further, and really enjoyed the result.  So much so, I could have happily scoffed the lot and left the meat I was serving it with!

This will give you enough for 3-4 depending on what other vegetable dishes you’re serving.


1 medium white cabbage, diced roughly (you want fairly large pieces, not little dainty squares)
4 – 6 echallion shallots, peeled and chopped
2 cloves of garlic
juice of a lemon
1 ball of mozzarella, diced
120g mature cheddar, grated
50g butter


Boil the cabbage in salted water till it’s soft – about 5 minutes – and then drain (we’re not going for al dente here!)

In the same pan, melt the butter, then add the shallots and garlic (either finely diced or using a garlic press) and stir till softened and starting to brown.  Season with some black pepper.

Add the cabbage and stir together, and continue to cook on a high heat for a couple of minutes, till it starts to turn golden brown, and then add the lemon juice.  Cook for another couple of minutes on a medium heat, then stir in the diced mozzarella.

Tip all of this straight away into an oven dish, and cover the top with the grated cheddar.

Bake in a hot oven for around 20 minutes until the cheese on the top has turned a deep golden brown.