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Using the office microwave – mushroom stir-fry

It’s freezing today, and the last thing I wanted to for lunch was a cold salad!

Having only convenience stores close to work also means that there’s not much to choose from on the low carb front, but this stir-fry attracted my attention:


But with only a microwave in the office I wasn’t really sure if this would work.  However, it did, and it was surprisingly good!

I put half of the pack into a bowl (an ordinary cereal bowl), sprinkled it generously with olive oil, and then microwaved it on high for a minute.  After a minute I stirred it, and then added a good shake of light soy sauce, and then microwaved for another minute.

Lovely!  Half the pack is 4.9g carbs, plus whatever the soy sauce would have added.